Welcome to Martinalia. An academic career generates material which for one reason or another does not get into print. There are public lectures and keynote addresses. Some are never intended for publication. Others are commissioned for projects which never get off the ground. There is material prepared for teaching, which may be useful to colleagues and students involved in similar courses. Some projects seem worth sharing with interested readers even though they remain unfinished, lacking the final polish needed for conventional academic publication. Since 2014 I have used Martinalia to publish essays and research reports. 

The term “Martinalia” was coined by my friend Jim Sturgis.  

Tramore, Sierra Leone and Johnny McGurk

In 1920, the British government decided to hold a major exhibition, on a world's-fair scale, to showcase the Empire.

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Curing toothache by magic at Tramore, County Waterford in 1888

To the local magistrates at Tramore, County Waterford, the arrest of Tim and Bridget Dooley on licensed premises after hours must have seemed an open-and-shut case.

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Holidays at Tramore in Verse (1894) and Prose (1910)

A lively poem of 1894 and an affectionate piece of journalism from 1910 provide glimpses of seaside life at Tramore, County Waterford.  

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Havering History Cameos: Third Series (2016-2017)

This file is a further continuation of the weekly local heritage columns contributed to the Romford Recorder

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A.C. Benson and Cambridge: I, 1862-1884

The first part of an extended essay on A.C. Benson and Cambridge University.

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The farmer landlord and the labourer tenant: a County Waterford sidelight on Ireland's Land War, 1882

The dispute between John Kirwan and William Power created a little light relief in the courtroom at Tramore, County Waterford, on a November day in 1882.

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"A man among millions": Martin Joseph Murphy and the development of Tramore 1888-1919

For thirty years, Martin Joseph Murphy was a genial driving force behind the development of the seaside resort of Tramore, County Waterford.

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Tramore Sketch Map

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A.C. Benson and Cambridge: II, 1885-1925


The continuation of A.C. Benson and Cambridge: I, 1862-1884

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Magdalene College Cambridge Notes: From a College Window: Glimpses of Magdalene (1906)

From a College Window was the most successful of the collections of essays published by A.C. Benson.

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