Welcome to Martinalia. An academic career generates material which for one reason or another does not get into print. There are public lectures and keynote addresses. Some are never intended for publication. Others are commissioned for projects which never get off the ground. There is material prepared for teaching, which may be useful to colleagues and students involved in similar courses. Some projects seem worth sharing with interested readers even though they remain unfinished, lacking the final polish needed for conventional academic publication. Since 2014 I have used Martinalia to publish essays and research reports. 

The term “Martinalia” was coined by my friend Jim Sturgis.  

"... a word too grossly indecent to be put into print": sabotage at The Times, 1882

Patrons of the early edition of The Times of Monday 24 January 1882 would have been surprised to read that, in the midst of a speech on current political issues, the Home Secretary, Sir William Harcourt, had suddenly announced his intention to engage in sexual intercourse.

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Waterford on

County Waterford material examines overseas connections and focuses upon local communities.

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How to pronounce Parnell and say O'Shea

The relationship between Charles Stewart Parnell and Katharine O'Shea is one of the great tragic love stories of the nineteenth century. Yet, somehow, over a century later, their names are invariably mispronounced.

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Gladstone Through the Looking Glass: Part 2 of Gladstone and Canada

"Gladstone Through the Looking Glass" is the continuation of "Gladstone, Canada and calibration: Part 1 of Gladstone and Canada":

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Lecky dip? Gladstone's reading of Irish history

A note on Gladstone's use of academic writing on Irish history as part of his campaign for Home Rule.

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New Zealand reads about Ardmore (County Waterford), 1852-1931

Newspapers and magazines thrived in late nineteenth century New Zealand: by 1910, a population of a million people had the remarkably broad choice of 67 daily newspapers, plus a range of weekly publications. To fill their columns, editors printed (indeed, often pirated) news and features about Britain and Ireland, the recent homelands of most of the country's immigrant population. This selection takes Ardmore, County Waterford, as an example to illustrate how New Zealand readers might have been informed about life in an Irish village.

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History of Magdalene College Cambridge on

Material about Magdalene College Cambridge on represents the results of my own interest in the history of Cambridge University, and does not imply any official endorsement by the College.

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Gladstone on

A guide to material relating to William Ewart Gladstone on Ged Martin's website.

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Gladstone, Canada and calibration: Part 1 of Gladstone and Canada

"Gladstone, Canada and calibration" forms the first part of a two-part essay examining Gladstone's involvement with, and attitudes towards, British North America.

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Why did Parnell avoid Ottawa in 1880?

Surely Charles Stewart Parnell should have visited Ottawa during his North American tour of 1880? The capital of Canada, where the parliament of the autonomous Dominion of Canada was actually in session, would have offered an obvious platform for the leader of Ireland's Home Rule movement to vaunt the advantages of a devolved legislature in Dublin. Was it simply news that a general election had been called in the United Kingdom that hurried him home?

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