A selection of published work by Ged Martin.

Punch and the Maori, 1864-1865

Published in British Review of New Zealand Studies, xv (2005/6).

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Explaining The Sentimental Utopia

A review article on the causes of Australian Federation, originally published in the UK journal Australian Studies.

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De Valera Imagined and Observed

This paper was published in Gabriel Doherty & Dermot Keogh, eds, De Valera’'s Irelands (Cork, 2003).

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Exploring the Canada - New Zealand Comparison



This keynote lecture was delivered at the joint conference of the British Association for Canadian Studies and the New Zealand Studies Association at Canterbury, Kent in April 2005.

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This paper was given as a keynote address at the University of Edinburgh Centre of Canadian Studies annual conference in 1999 which examined the extent to which the year 1849 could be considered as a landmark in the history of British North America. It was published in Derek Pollard and Ged Martin, eds, Canada 1849 (Edinburgh, 2001).

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Sovereignty and Independence in the Dominions

This paper was delivered at a conference held at the University of Edinburgh in March 2000 to mark the inauguration of a devolved parliament for Scotland the previous year. It was published in H.T. Dickinson and Michael Lynch, eds, The Challenge to Westminster: Sovereignty, Devolution and Independence (East Linton, 2003).

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Yorkshire Settlers in New Brunswick

This paper is based on a keynote address delivered as part of a conference dedicated to the eighteenth-century Yorkshire settlers in New Brunswick, held at Mount Allison University, Sackville, in August 2000. It was published in Paul A. Bogaard, ed., Yorkshire Emigrants to Canada: Papers from the Yorkshire 2000 Conference (Sackville, New Brunswick, 2012). I am grateful to Dr Paul Bogaard for agreeing to the web-publication of my paper. Copies of the collected papers are still available (October 2016).

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Favourite Son?: Names and Numbers, Sources, Abbreviations

Favourite Son?: John A. Macdonald and the Voters of Kingston 1841─1891


by Ged Martin


This is a book about the political relations between Canada’s first prime minister, Sir John Macdonald, and the city of Kingston which he represented in parliament for over thirty-eight years between 1844 and his death in 1891. 

Favourite Son? was published, in a handsome volume, by the Kingston (Ontario) Historical Society in 2010. I am grateful to the Kingston Historical Society for permission to re-publish on my website.

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