Why Parliament does not meet at Buckingham Palace

In July 2023, it was suggested that Parliament might meet in Buckingham Palace while renovations were carried out at Westminster. The idea is not new.

William IV regarded the Palace as a "dog-hole" and offered it to the government first as a barracks and then as a legislature. After the old Houses of Parliament burned down in 1834, he pressed his plan so hard that top architect Edward Blore was brought in to rubbish it. When Blore duly reported that "a worse selection could not be made", the king angrily alleged a stitch-up. However, the Prime Minister, Lord Melbourne, feared that the establishment of a new debating chamber would be accompanied by demands for a larger public gallery than the cramped visitor space of the old Parliament.  This would risk the intimidation of MPs by angry Londoners. Dark hints of the French Revolution kept Parliament on the banks of the Thames, and royalty in Buck House.

Source: Philip Ziegler's biography of William IV.