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County Waterford material examines overseas connections and focuses upon local communities.

"Waterford: Ireland's Canada County". Waterford's links with Canada go far beyond its well-known role in the Newfoundland fishery:


"Waterford and the South-East of Ireland, some links with Australia". The Waterford region also has connections with the history of Australia:


"A New Zealand heritage tour through County Waterford". While some of Waterford's links with New Zealand raise questions about the country's history, the human interest stories are varied and sometimes colourful. The essay is illustrated. 


"The farmer landlord and the labourer tenant: a County Waterford sidelight on Ireland's Land War, 1882". John Kirwan was a prominent member of the Fenor, County Waterford branch of the Land League. He left himself open to criticism when he prosecuted William Power, a labourer, for failing to pay him rent for a one-roomed hovel.  Egged on by octogenarian magistrate Congreve Rogers, a landlord who had suffered in the Land War, Power ran rings around his opponent:


"A virtual stroll around an Irish village: Clashmore, County Waterford". Using Google Street View, with cross-references to other Internet sources, this online tour seeks to convey a flavour of a pleasant Waterford village:


"Father Michael O'Donel: The Newfoundland Adventures of a Clashmore County Waterford Parish Priest". Michael O'Donel arrived in Newfoundland in 1799, where he spent seven years ministering to a primitive fishing community. He died in Clashmore during the cholera outbreak of 1832:


"New Zealand reads about Ardmore (County Waterford), 1852-1931" New Zealand newspapers reprinted stories from Ireland and Britain. This selection explores what Kiwi readers might have learned about life in an Irish village:


"Mountstuart Church, Toor, County Waterford" is a brief note about a secret gem, with photographs taken from its beech avenue:


"The Gladstone Streets of Ireland: a short note". In 2022, both Clonmel, in County Tipperary, and the city of Waterford have a Gladstone Street. This short Note seeks to explain why:


"Explorations in the history of Tramore, County Waterford: a list" is an introduction to:

"'A man among millions': Martin Joseph Murphy and the development of Tramore 1888-1919".

"Curing toothache by magic at Tramore, County Waterford in 1888".

"Tramore, Sierra Leone and Johnny McGurk"

"Holidays at Tramore in Verse (1894) and Prose (1910)"

There is also a sketch map of Tramore. 

For more detail, see: https://www.gedmartin.net/martinalia-mainmenu-3/297-explorations-in-the-history-of-tramore-county-waterford-a-list